Respite Care (RSP)

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Our Respite Service provides short-term relief to a typical care provider and/or guardian.  This service is designed to provide quality care to individuals in the event that their primary care provider is unavailable.

Our objective is to ensure that the individual needs are met in the absence of the primary care provider.

This service can be provided in individual’s homes, various licensed community settings, group home, and developmental home and nursing facilities.

We provide both scheduled and emergency Respite services.

Staffing needs are based on the individualized program and the needs of the individual being served.  In-home respite is typically served at a one-to-one ratio unless there are other special needs children/adults in the home.

All employees meet the State of Arizona requirements, have a valid Finger Print Clearance Card, and have successfully passed all of Anodyne training courses and background checks.

To learn more about Respite Care, or to become a respite provider, fill out the information under the Contact tab and an Anodyne Development representative will contact you or call us at 602-993-5334 for assistance.

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